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Palesa Phili - Join the Chamber

Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry's new chief executive, Palesa Phili is passionate about encouraging big corporates to rejoin the Chamber.

Phili says, I am ready to talk and I am ready to engage with members. I want those companies who have left to come back. My team and I are ready to engage with them."

Phili explained that the Chamber is there for businesses and can represent and advocate on their behalf when issues arise. "We can open doors for businesses. However, we can't lobby for someone who is not a

"The Chamber is talking to the City leadership and participates in driving strategy," said Phili. Nevertheless, the Chamber needs numbers in order to have credibility and to be able to leverage effectively.

In a drive to encourage member numbers to grow, a number of membership benefits have been launched. To demonstrate value these can be customised to meet the needs of members on a one on one basis.

Significantly, the Durban Chamber currently has a large member base of SMMEs who would like to connect with big business.

As an accredited enterprise supplier development implementer, the Chamber is able to assist large enterprises seeking to integrate B-BBEE qualified SMMEs into their supply chains.

In this regard, the Chamber offers compliance and training programmes, as well mentoring and vetting of SMMEs.

"It is a missed opportunity if all players in the local economy are not participating in the Chamber, we need members to become successful," concluded Phili.

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