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Sky Tents - When to use a frame tent

With so many tent options available, the question of which is best for your function or purpose is often asked.

The answer is simple, frame tents are best suited to glamorous weddings, concerts, festivals, large corporate functions and parties.

Using a frame tent for your function takes it up to the level of effortlessly stylish as the tent is timelessly elegant. They are particularly useful where there is no option for shelter as they are stable and weatherproof. These tents have a large capacity and can hold thousands of people (depending on the size of the tent).

They are manufactured with steel poles to fit the frame of the tent and do not require internal and central poles for support. In fact, all the support is engineered expertly on the sides, ground and the roof of the tent to provide the best degree of stability and durability. The advantage of having no internal poles is maximised space. There are also no restrictions on the usage of your space. The structure of the tent also means no pegs are required to hold the tent in place. This means it can be erected anywhere including concrete and decks. These are sometimes called clear span tents because they leave a clear space within the tent.

Frame tents can comfortably accommodate opaque or clear panels, windows, draping throughout (including the ceiling), chandelier lighting and clear ceilings. The options are endless and very attractive. A full clear PVC tent wall will bring a magical outdoor landscape into your decor while alternating clear and opaque can also look just as attractive. A night function with a clear ceiling can offer guests a panoramic view of the night sky which will definitely set a lovely tone for any event.

Advantages of Frame Tents
• The lack of centre poles means you are not restricted to a floor plan or decor.
• These tents are very stable and can be used on any terrain and over large surface areas. The ground surface will not be damaged.
• These are ideal for long-term use at festivals and trade shows.
• It can also be placed next to a building comfortably to create a seamless extension and enlarge your space.
• They are lightweight, waterproof and fire resistant.

Sky Tents manufactures aluminium frame tents of the highest quality at the most reasonable prices. They are an established and leading tent manufacturer with years of experience producing high- quality aluminium frame tents for sale in South Africa and across Africa including Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Lesotho and Angola.

For more information contact: T: +27 (0)31 700 2863
C: +27 (0)76 929 2609

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