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Why Do You Need a Sense of Purpose?

Having a sense of purpose generally drives our actions and impacts how we feel. The more we feel that our lives and work have meaning, the more likely we will apply our time and skills toward contributing to the greater good in a way that matters.

In this edition of Business Sense, many of our articles focus on purpose in its various forms.

Hantie Plomp who is featured on page one unpacks some of her life’s purpose on page three. She emphasises that, her company Triplo4 Sustainable Solutions really brings together her passion for the environment as well as her passion for people.

Issac Mbatha is achieving recognition for his success but believes that his purpose now in life is to continue to grow an incredible company. Page 4.

Also on page four, Johan van Deventer, KZN Regional Manager, LabourNet unpacks the purpose of a disciplinary code in the workplace.

Marlene Powell asks business owners to reflect on their journeys. Do you C.A.R.E.? Page 5.

Nozipho Ngobese, Head of Operations at Ithala SOC Limited, greatest desire is to drive positive change, improve and contribute to the overall success and growth of Ithala. Page 8.

The Cape Parrot Working Group at the University of KZN is working to ensure the survival of this charismatic species and their forest habitat. Page 9.

Jacquie Bhana examines the topic of loneliness and challenges us to reach out to those who may need support. Page 10.

Anneme Coetzee, NLP Master Trainer, comments on the comfort zone and how we can break free from it. Page 13

Nikita Pillay, DRG Siyaya, examines how you use energy in the workplace in relation to its prevailing culture. Page 14.

Also on page 14, through its new initiative, the team at KZN Top Business purpose is to recognise successful leaders in the province. Many of these men and women are driven by the desire to make a difference to their workplaces and to make ‘profit with a purpose’. For more information visit page 14.

The Association for The Aged (TAFTA) is calling on corporates and teams of individuals to support their Corporate Golf Day event in aid their Meal Delivery Service. Page 15.

Colette Tanner, DRG, writes that there is enormous merit in recognising the human and showing kindness to those around us and likewise to our colleagues with whom we share our day. Page 16.

In closing, the 2024 general elections on 29 May are fast approaching and provide an opportunity for all citizens of South Africa to continue to help mould the future of the country. Your purpose is to vote.

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