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Blacklisted: Can I Lease A Car?

So you’ve been blacklisted. There’s no shame in that. It could happen to anyone and it shouldn’t incapacitate you. There are businesses out there that are willing to help when it comes to car finance. They will give you a chance to apply and make a judgement based on that application, just like anyone else, but it is important to note that since you have been blacklisted, the circumstances under which they will finance your car will be different.

Some steps you can take when applying for car finance could be to get a copy of your credit report to show why you were blacklisted in the first place (only do this if your credit is not too bad), try to repair your credit score by paying your bills on time, consider going through a financial institution that doesn’t run credit checks (only applicable to those in arrears or default), and/or go to a business that sells/leases cars to people that have been blacklisted.

Leasing a car is probably the best option and there are several companies that understand the plight of blacklisted individuals, and are willing to lease cars to these individuals. NoFinanceCars, WhyBuyCars, EarnACar, and BlackListedCarFinance are just a few companies worth looking into, if you’re in need of a car.

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